And Here We Go Again!

Third times a charm right everyone??!  Well, let’s hope so!

I have decided to embark, yet again, on another blogging adventure… only this time, I think it will stick.  This blog is mostly going to be about my daily whereabouts, lifely adventures, ups and downs, and things that make me happy.  But mostly it will be dedicated to keeping my nosy family informed on what I do all the time!(Ya  Mom, I know you facebook stalk me ALL the time…Thank goodness for the “privacy” setting! haha).

I also hope to keep all of you well informed on a young adult woman trying to live a healthy and happy lifestyle here in SF(that young gal I speak of is me…err, I will be turning 25 this year, so maybe young is a tad bit much? jk)

I’ve got plenty of goals for my future and a “bucket list” that I want to accomplish by my 25th birthday!  That gives me only 116 days to do it..eeks!  So what do you say we get right to it?!

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4 Responses to And Here We Go Again!

  1. joey says:

    here we go again!!! now i have to bookmark another site!

  2. jaime says:

    Hey…doesnt meeting Kelly R and Regis count as someone famous~ Or did you mean Brad Pitt famous? xxoo

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