“Bucket List”

As I previously mentioned, there are a few things that I want to accomplish before I turn 25.  Which have I mentioned, will be happening on 10-10-10 this year! (You have NO idea how long I have waited for this date!  Especially since ten is my lucky number…well, OBVIOUSLY!)

So here are my goals(not in any particular order):

-Run a 5k marathon

-Karaoke by myself in front of lots of people….and preferrably sing either Madonna, Lady Gaga or Britney Spears.

-Do Tough Mudders!

-Learn Geography! (you have NO idea how hard that will be for me!)

-Bungee Jump

-Meet a celebrity

-Visit the South(either one of the Carolina’s, Georgia, or Louisiana)

-Grow my hair out

-Take up French again

If I think of anymore I will add it to the list.  But so far that is what I would like to accomplish and I feel like they are all pretty reasonable!  So excited to do all of these and I have high hopes that I will.

What are some goals that you have set for yourself?  Have you accomplished anything that you thought you never would or could??

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