Bolinas, CA

That’s where I was today…for an hour and half!  Who knew that the amount of time driving to and from the beach would outweigh the time spent there!  Haha.

Beach View to the Left

I love Bolinas.  I love the windy coastal drive out there(only if you’re not hungover and in control of the car), I love the fact that the locals take down the signs to it so newbies can’t find it, and I love that the waves are low and easy for my rookie surfer status to hang ten on!(Although I didn’t bring my board today) Just wanted to veg out on the beach and take a nap.

Beach View to the Right

And that’s exactly what I did!  I laid there, soaked up the sun, and got a free full body scrub from all of the sand that was being whipped into me!  Which is precisely why I did not last long at Bolinas today…while it was a beautiful 73degrees, the wind was probably 73mph!  I tried to rally and relax and just enjoy, but after 90 minutes my body could not endure it any longer.

Cool Wall Art

Just got home and I have about 10 pounds worth of sand stuck in places that I didn’t even know existed!  Haha, sorry for that mental picture.  Gonna go shower now and hope to god it doesn’t clog the drain!  Surfs up!

I Want to go to There!

PS.. I decided that one of these homes will be mine!  Who wants to come over for dinner and cocktails on the deck???

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2 Responses to Bolinas, CA

  1. Jenny Buck says:

    ME!!!!!!!! Well I cant have a drink right now, but I still want to go.

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