What Would Gwyneth Do?

When Gwyneth Paltrow says jump, you jump!  When she says go check out Pizzetta 211 for some thin crust pizza, you get your grubbing outfit on and pray that there’s parking!  (No, Gwyneth did not personally tell me to go here…but she did email me via her GOOP blog! We’re like bff’s!)

The Kitchen

Such is what I did tonight with the bf.  It was date night here in San Fran, and what better a meal than pizza right?!  Right!

Fresh Flowers...ALWAYS a plus!

First off, let me start by saying how cute and quaint this place is.  It literally has 4 tables inside, and a bar with 3 stools to sit at.  A few tables are outside too, but in the Richmond in July, you’d rather wait the hour to sit and eat in the warm restaurant filled with doughy smelling goodness!  (PS, I am a sucker for places where you can watch your meal being made, and Pizzetta 211 delivered on that.)  We were fair warned that parking was pretty crappy and that we would most likely have to wait for a table, so we got there at 6:45pm, like the 85 year olds that we are at heart..NOT.  To much surprise, we found parking right out front(immediately), and there was a table open when we got there!!!  How lucky is that?!


By 7pm, we had ordered and already had our drinks in sipping distance.  Mine a French red wine, his a chimay.


We decided to ix-nay(spell?) appetizers and go straight for the goods…PIZZA.  The bf ordered the Tomato, Mozzarella, Basil and Pepperoni.  While I opted for the Rosemary, Fiore Sardo Cheese, and Pine Nuts.  While I did love how thin this pizza was, and it was very very good and fresh, I was not screaming to the high heavens how amazing and delish Pizzetta 211 is.  I think because I recently enjoyed one of the BEST pizzas I have ever had in my entire life at Zazu last month, it just didn’t compare.  Don’t get me wrong, I will for sure go back here as I think that it is SUPER cute and reminded me of the West Village in NYC, I just can’t go within 30 days of eating at Zazu.

Pine Nuts!!!

We were going to see Leo’s new movie Inception tonight.  But decided to be a little more outgoing and head to Sea Bowl for some pin action….err, or lack there of?  We haven’t bowled in probably 2 months!!! Eeks!  This is going to be a major wakeup call.  Wish me luck!

Really Thin Crust Pizza...mmm

What’s your favorite date night meal?  And would you rather be active on a date night or watch a movie?

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