You Say Potato, I Say SWEET!

Ok, so I have to admit, neither bowling nor movie watching happened last night….  Jean Pierre(I decided the bf needed a sophisticated nickname for the blog) and I came home after dinner, and began to watch the Giants game while we waited for it to be 9pm, as bowling at Sea Bowl is only $11/lane after that hour!  Ya, ain’t no shame in being thrifty! Gotta learn to be that way with my clothes purchases!  Haha.  Needless to say, I began blogging, he fell asleep, and then a fight ensued…  We both were cranky and maybe stuffed with pizza???  So the night ended after that.  Oh well, bowling and the movies will always be there!

Big Ol Tater!

Tonight I decided to keep dinner simple with a spinach, mushroom, alfalfa sprouts, and avacado salad with mustard as the dressing.  I know I know, mustard?  My friend Steph got me addicted to doing this, try it, I guarantee if you like mustard, you will like this combo!  And a big ol sweet potato with melted Gouda cheese and pesto!!!  My Dad went to Holland recently and brought me back a wheel of this cheese right from the market in Gouda…Sadly, this is the last of it.  No more mouse Alex eating cheese every night.  I am going to be going through some serious Gouda withdrawal symptoms!  Jean Pierre better watch out!

Off to enjoy some vino and another skinny cow ice cream(these things are like crack!…not like I would know).  Tomorrow night is something very BIG for me, so stay tuned for a great Sunday post!

If you could rename you or a loved one for the sake of it, what would it be?  I love guys names for girls.  Top runners for me are Charlie, Shawn, Erin…But my ultimate fav is James!  Feel free to call me that.  I promise I will respond.

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2 Responses to You Say Potato, I Say SWEET!

  1. jaime says:

    Well….as you might remember James is what my family and some friends call me, so glad to hear that it is your fave. In fact the friends we were with in Napa this weekend all me that~ Growing up I was always frustrated that my parents spelled my name the French way, as I was ALWAYS having to correct the spelling, but now I don’t mind at all! “LOVE” I have always adored the name Reece…and have known both males and females with that name~

    • alex says:

      Ooohh, Reece is a good one! And I have always loved that you spell your name the French way. Its different and unique, and totally suits you! xoxo

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