Run Forrest Run!

Today was the San Francisco Marathon and lucky for us, it goes right by the house!  We are mile 22, so these peeps are pretty tired by the time that they reach us.  But surprisingly, not THAT tired.  I mean, if I was at mile 22 I would not be moving!  Heck, if I was even at half that I would probably be rolling on the ground having a tantrum fit like the good old days(hehe, sorry about that Mom!).

Those Shoes Were Made For Running

I made Jean Pierre roll out of bed around 9am because I could hear a party going on outside.  That’s right, they had a dj booth set up and people were dancing and cheering everyone on.  It was pretty fun to see!

Just wanted to show you all some pictures of normal runners…

Normal Runners

And SF runners….  Hahaha

I think he thought it was Bay to Breakers...or Folsom Street Fair!

I’ve got 75 more days until my race!!!  Seeing all of these marathoners today really motivated me even more to continue my training, and I even found myself getting a little teary eyed watching them run by.  Congrats SF marathoners, you guys are a crazy bunch of people!

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