Pucker Up

Decided I Don't Know How to Pucker

You know how they say that the shape of your lipstick represents personality traits?   Well…. after seeing my friend Steph’s lipstick, I just had to figure out what hers meant!  We were rolling with laughter about the odd shape of her lipstick.  I mean, have you ever seen anything like it??  I certainly have not.  Then she proceeded to apply her lipstick and it was even MORE bizarre(sorry Steph, haha).   She takes the lipstick, sticks it between both lips, and puckers down on it.  Applying it to both sides at the SAME time!  It was so funny to see!

Steph's Lipstick...at least the color is pretty 😉

Note that my lipstick is pretty much the same as when you first get it.  I don’t know if that’s due to lack of usage, or if it really means something about my personality.  Here are the results for mine and Stephs shapes:

Big Difference!

Mine is Rounded Smooth: which says that I am  a peacemaker, easy going, even tempered(don’t know about that), generous, likeable, look at both sides of stories, pleasant to be with(again, don’t know about that. ha)

Steph’s is Sharp Angles on Both Sides: she is loyal, a true friend, loves life, spiritual, curious, and loves the limelight. (I conquer with the first 3 for sure!)

Please take my camera away when boredum hits!

Check out this link to figure out what your lipstick says about you.  What is your shape and do you think any of it is true?

Ok, tonight I am going to attempt to make my first quiche!  Will keep you posted on how it turns out.  Happy Monday 😉

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