Last Supper

Yes, I either feel like Jesus or a prisoner tonight….  I went to the doctor today, and she informed me that since my surgery is on Friday morning, I have to do a cleanse starting at midnight tonight!  That means I will be going 36 hours without food, ugh!  Jean Pierre better watch it, because someone is going to be a grump grump tomorrow.

So in an attempt to eat ALL of my fresh produce, I went for a favorite dinner of mine: Big Ol Salad and a Big Ol Sweet Tater with a Laughing Cow Swiss Cheese Wedge spread on it.(Sorry it’s not very appealing to the eye, but it sure does taste good)

Veggie Overload

Let me tell ya, nothing gets me going like a ton of veggies!  Well…actually, if I could have eaten cookies and ice cream for dinner I would have done that too.  Speaking of, I think Jean Pierre and I were both cookie monsters last night, as there are NONE left!  We did share with Steph, and all the roomies.  But still, a cookie tonight would have been fabulous!  Maybe another batch needs to be brewed???

If you knew that it was going to be your last meal, what would you eat?  I think if I was more prepared for it, and didn’t have all these veggies to go through, I would have had French Toast & Scrambled Eggs with loads of Syrup on both!(Ya, I like syrup on my eggs…what’s wrong with that?!)

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One Response to Last Supper

  1. Jenny Buck says:

    Why are you having surgery?
    My last meal????????????????
    That is a good one……

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