Doing Ok

Hey everyone!  Just wanted to let you all know that I am doing alright after my surgery and am in very good hands of my family.  There has been peanut butter cookie making, sleeping, card playing, sleeping, target shopping, and lots and lots of laughing…even though my poor stomach has a hard time with that last one.  I promise to post all of my recovery pictures when I am back up and running!  Good times are ahead, we are just about to go to Stacks for Sunday b-fast!  mmm.  See ya later alligators!  And thanks for all of the well wishes!!! 

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One Response to Doing Ok

  1. jaime says:

    SO very happy to hear that you are up and about. I am sure hanging with your family and getting some laughter in (I KNOW how that feels!) is just what you need, and a yummy breakfast from Stacks is just perfect. Jeff, Jackson and I are sending prayers and healing energy your way. We love you! xxoo

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