Oh the Life of a Buyer!

You may all think it’s glamorous and all…well, ok, it kinda is.  JK.  I’ve heard that us buyers get bad reps for being closeted shopaholics…well, ok, we kinda are.  Hehe.  Although, if you know me, I have never been closeted about my shopping antics!  I love me a good dress, high heels and fabulous handbag and jewelry to go with.  Nothing is more refreshing than feeling good about what you are wearing.  I swear I will NEVER understand how women can walk around in their workout wear when they are clearly NOT wearing it to workout in, but just because it’s comfy and they are L-A-Z-Y!  Ya you heard me right, I’m calling all of you out!  The day you see me shopping in my sweatpants, make sure to take my temperature and that I am not dying!  (NOT kidding!)

Today I jet setted off to LA for less than 24 hours for our Resort 2011(can you believe we are buying for 2011??? ugh) collections.  Resort is really not a San Francisco thang, so it’s always a quick and easy trip.  Whereas Fall and Spring are our BIG deliveries.

Resort did look great though!  Here’s what you can expect:

  • Floral, cheetah, striped patterns
  • Corals, blues, yellows
  • Retro inspired dresses(think 50’s and 60’s)
  • Army inspired jackets & trenches
  • Full skirts, and knee length dresses
  • Cropped and skinny jeans

Here are a few of my favorites that I cannot wait to get in!

Tracy Reese...Ummm, I DIE over all of these!

Robert Rodriguez...That striped jacket is MINE!

Adorable Milly! Yes, you heard me right!

Ok, so maybe I am just a shopaholic.  I blame it all on my Mom!  Haha, just kidding Mother.  You just made me good at my job!  I should give you a percentage of my paycheck….err, scratch that. 😉

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2 Responses to Oh the Life of a Buyer!

  1. Mom says:

    Wish you guys had my size – I also like the stripped blazer – And any time you want to start paying me – I’ll take it.

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