Wow…Long Time No Talk!

I can just hear my Mom calling me right now saying “I check your blog everyday and you haven’t been doing anything!”  Hehe, sorry about that Mom!

Trust me, it’s been on the back of my mind for a week now that I need to talk to you guys, I just have been crazy busy with god knows what and haven’t really been inspired to blog about anything…I hate when that happens!

Anywho, here’s what’s been going on in my life:

  • Yesterday was my 5th anniversary of working at the store!  Isn’t that insane?!
  • Had a check up with my doctor about my surgery and ALL is well!  Phew!
  • Getting very excited about going to Vegas with girlfriends next weekend.  Definitely going to need to leave my credit cards at home!

On that note….I have decided that with all of my medical bills and frivolous spending lately, I am starting a 2 month shopping ban!  Ya, you heard me right, my credit card companies are shedding tears as I write this.  Haha.

I’ve made a list of “ok” and “not ok” purchases and a budget.  Here’s how it’s going to go:

OK purchases:

  • Groceries
  • Toiletries when needed(deodorant, toothpaste, razors, hair product, body wash etc.)
  • $60/week on drinks/going out
  • Limit of Starbucks to once/week(that way its more of a treat!)

NOT OK purchases:

  • Clothing, shoes, accessories etc.
  • Magazines or any other items that I do not NEED and can find in the check out line of a grocery store(they get me every time!)

I am posting this all on the blog so that you can all keep in check with it!  It’s starting today, August 18th, and I was going to say until October 18th, but my birthday is the 10th and I might want to get something for then… So it’s going until October 9th.

I feel like I’m going into Lent people! Haha.  Wish me luck and don’t you dare think of sending me emails about sales!  I will forever haunt you when I die! 😉

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