Gym Rat vs Outdoor Runner

Living in SF kinda makes it hard sometimes to utilize our beautiful outdoor scenery…The fog is something that never makes me feel like running!  I always hate having to bring a sweatshirt just for the first 10 minutes of my run until I get warmed up.  Because let’s face it, it’s kind of a pain to have to run with a sweatshirt wrapped around your arse.  Am I right people???

Anywho, today I decided to go on my first “long” distance run in training for my endurance marathon that is sneaking up on me.  I headed outside and tackled 5.14 miles in….45minutes an hour and 7 minutes.  Ya I know, I’m kind of a grandma when it comes to running.  I was never a fan of it growing up, and really found it hard to get into a mental groove.  But lately, I have been able to block out all of those “let’s just walk instead” thoughts.  I credit that to my love of bikram yoga.  If you can endure 105degrees for 90 minutes while doing downward dog, you can do anything!

I wanted to discuss with you all my pro’s and con’s of exercising outside vs. going to the gym.

Here’s what I like and dislike about running outside:


  • The scenery and people watching.
  • Fresh air.
  • Get to explore new parts of the city.
  • The outdoor elements are more challenging than the gym. (ex. wind, hills…)


  • Constantly watching out for poo on the ground…Animal or Human(let’s face it people, this is SF!)
  • Unpredictable weather.
  • Smokers!  Nothing worse than getting a big waft of cigarette smoke mid run.
  • Sometimes feel like I have less motivation to keep going.  No one there to judge you.

And here’s my likes and dislikes for the Gym:


  • You know what to expect.  Raining outside??  Not in the gym!
  • I find all of the other gym rats very inspiring.  Scope out that chiseled person and push yourself to do what their doing.  I guarantee someone is watching you and doing the same!
  • I love all of the options of equipment.  If I want to really push myself I will do the treadmill, if I want an easier & more low key workout, I hit the stationary bike.


  • Waiting for machines!  I always lose motivation after 10 minutes of waiting…Yes Jean Pierre, patience IS a virtue.  I know I know!
  • Those wandering eyes of creepy older men.  Not cute!
  • The stale air.
  • The monotony.  I usually go every other day and do my yoga in between.  Just to keep things fresh and exciting.

I have to say though, my run outside was really nice today.  It felt good to get some fresh air and I always feel invincible after a run.  And here’s a few things that made this run really fun:

  1. I spotted one of the hosts from a TV show up here called View From the Bay.  She was having her pictures taken and I ran by her twice and smiled.

    Janelle Wang

  2. Ran by AT&T ballpark.  I always try and peek inside to see if anyone is practicing.  You know how I love me some Baseball players! mmm

    Take me out to the ball game!

  3. Got to see up close and personal the new Raygun Gothic Rocket Ship statue that’s up along the Embarcadero!  So cool!

    Now all I want are rocket ship sheets!

So question for the day: Do you prefer working out indoors or outside?  If I lived in a place that was gorgeous weather all the time, or if I have Central Park as my backyard, this would not be a tough question to answer!

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