Great Getaway!

Nothing better than a little bit of fun, family time, and some good old r&r! I spent my weekend with girlfriends in Sin City, and my week at home with the parentals, sis, and cousin for my Mom & Dad’s 30th anniversary.

Some highlights of the past few days were:

  • Seeing Brody Jenner, and touching his arm…ahaha.  Oh, and having one of his entourage think that they knew me.
  • Not making it to the club until 2am!(A definite first for me)
  • The Bellagio Buffet and all it’s dessert glory!
  • Witnessing Mom & Dad renew their wedding vows after 30 years of marriage.
  • Getting a little tipsy with my Catholic Priest…man do we Catholics know how to drink!
  • Running 5 miles in 49 minutes.  BEST time yet!
  • Getting to drive my sisters Volkswagen Beetle Convertible top down. (This was a HUGE moment in my life, as both my Mother and myself have NEVER been allowed to drive Miranda’s car!)

Here’s a few pictures from my mini vaca that kinda sum it all up!

Hope you all have a wonderful Labor Free Weekend!  It’s Jean Pierre’s Bday on Saturday, so I KNOW I will have some highlights to discuss with all of you next week! 😉

No Brody's drunk friend, you DON'T know me! haha

The gals just making our way out on the 2nd night...ya, it's about 1:30am here!


Troopers! It's 4am here....

Wheel of Fortune(taken specifically for Aunt Gig!)

THE shoes, that WERE purchased! Christian Louboutin Blang Blang!

So long Vegas... we shall meet again!

  • Faay's family Christmas photo 2010 here we come!

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