Welcome to the Fam Daisy!

Ummm….you know that post when I said that I couldn’t spend any money???  Well, it seems like my brain has decided I needed to do just the opposite.  My purchases for the  year err, I mean month, include a garmin 305 running watch, leather jacket, motorcycle helmet, and a brand new mini cooper convertible!  Eeks!  I hope all of you have been helping the economy out as much as I have!

Daisy in all her glory!

Here’s a quick snap of Miss Daisy while she was still at the dealership.  The yellow in person is much more of a lime-ish yellow.  Or as Jean Pierre described it, puke yellow.  (Don’t worry people, he still really likes it!)

I will take some more shots of her in action.  Just haven’t had the chance to just yet.  But I know my Mom is biting her nails waiting to see a post of Daisy, so here you go! Now who wants to take a spin top down with me????

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11 Responses to Welcome to the Fam Daisy!

  1. Jenny Buck says:


  2. Mom says:

    Thanks Alexee – And the color is SOOOOOOOO much better that this pic.

    • amfaay says:

      you’re very welcome Mom! Now you have to send me pics of your pretty car so I can post her on here too! And I promise to get better pictures of Daisy this week to post.

  3. jaime says:

    OMG!! So darling…just like you! I would LOVE to go for a spin with the top down. xxoo Jaime

  4. joey says:

    yes, the yellow/green is not really puke color. it’s an awesome color! that picture definitely does not show the coolness of the color. i think alex should get an iphone that takes remarkable pictures and not use that crapberry for posting pics. what do you all readers/followers think?

  5. Mom says:

    You must be having way to much fun with Daisy to add to your blog – I like seeing new pics – Miss ya!

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