Date Night

Last night Jean Pierre surprised me with a wonderful date night.  We went to a new restaurant that I have been dying to check out called Bar Agricole.  They are known for their cocktails, and man did they live up to it.  Traditional Sour of Blanche d’Armagnac, lemon and egg white….holy deliciousness!  Also, Jean Pierre and I could not stop raving about the food.  Especially the Corn Pudding with Okra.  We practically licked the plate clean.  We also enjoyed the green beans & mustardy potatoes, and Jean Pierre had the quail while I ate the turnips that it came with.  I was loving the fact that my meat lover of a bf totally enjoyed all of his veggies 😉

I like how I'm ten feet taller than Daisy!

Before we headed out though, I made Jean Pierre take a picture of me in front of Miss Daisy.  Isn’t she purty?!  Yes, that’s fog dew on the lense of the camera.  Funny story…  Yesterday morning it was sunny, so I decided to drive top down to work, then I looked at the temp while I was driving and realized it was only 59degrees!  I must’ve looked like a fool!  But hey, that’s what seat warmers are for right?!

CHECK out the sides...totally my favorite part

Man on man do I love this car.  I can’t wait for my next sunny day off so I can drive her up the coast!

There's no lying about not knowing how fast you were going....

Any big plans for  the weekend?  I’m working every day, but I plan to take some time off to wash my car;)  Fun stuff right?!

Also, if anyone has a great recipe for corn pudding send it my way!!!

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One Response to Date Night

  1. Jenny Buck says:

    Aunt Vic has a great one. I think it was out of the O mag.

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