A Few New Obsessions

Here’s a list of some things that I am currently obsessing about:

  • My new bangs I cut myself last night(As my Mother learned when I was younger, never give me a pair of scissors when I’m bored! Hehe, sorry for destroying all of my clothes Mom.  Oopsy)
  • Dark lipstick on a daily basis
  • Green nail polish, a la Chanel
  • Driving Miss Daisy of course!
  • Ketchup….never really liked it before, now I can’t get enough
  • Wearing my hair in a high bun(or canoodle as my Dad calls it)
  • Florence + the Machine’s song “Dog days are over”

    It's all about the fringe!

Happy Saturday everyone!  Hope you all are enjoying a great weekend!

Top down, whoop whoop!

What are some of your newest obsessions???

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2 Responses to A Few New Obsessions

  1. joey says:

    no obsession for Jean Pierre?

  2. Jenny Buck says:

    You are way to cute!

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