My Ultimate Spring 2011 Wardrobe…

Would look a little like this:

Tibi Romper

Milly Striped Jacket and Shift Dress

Rebecca Taylor Coral Trench

Milly Red Dress

Tracy Reese Black & White Jacket and Pant

As you can tell, the 1970’s are back in a HUGE way for 2011.  Not only apparent in the clothing but the accessories as well.  Lots of head wraps, circle sunglasses, and clogs…yes, I said clogs!  Aaah.  But I am very excited for the effortless chic-ness that comes along with this era.  Who wouldn’t want to throw on flowing maxi dresses and highwaisted wide leg pant suits?!  I’m game, are you???

PS…I would just like to note how much color I choose.  Aren’t you all impressed?

Are you excited that the 70’s are back in fashion?  And if so, who’s ready to hit the vintage stores with me to stock up before everyone else does?!

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3 Responses to My Ultimate Spring 2011 Wardrobe…

  1. Jenny Buck says:

    Love It!

  2. Mom says:

    Like the clothes – HATE the idea of clogs!!!! This will never be in my closet unless I become senile (not yet Alexee).

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