Best Month of the Year!

Err….at least it used to be.  This October has started off on the wrong foot, and it’s only the 2nd!  Don’t you hate opening your mail box and finding bills?  Well, that’s what’s taken place over the past two days.  Yesterday was my first car payment…and today, ugh, the dreaded medical bill!  So much for getting financial aid from them!  Reality is definitely hitting in at this point.  Luckily I held off on booking my girls NYC trip in November.  I hope I can still afford to go, but I have to get a hold of the Hospital first to see if I can make payments instead of the whole lump sum(gulp).

Anywho, on better news about this month.  Here are a few reasons why I LOVE October:

  • Halloween!!  And anything Halloween related, like Pumpkin Patches, Hocus Pocus(the best movie ever), & carving pumpkins(but mostly just playing with their insides).
  • Mine and my Mom’s Bdays
  • The fact that I can wear my ghost pajama bottoms without feeling strange about it(I wear them year round….as I noted, Halloween is my favorite Holiday!)

    I love my ghosts!!!

  • Making my costume…this year is going to be pretty awesome, at least I hope so!
  • The change of leaves and weather.
  • The fact that we have two more months until the second best Holiday(Christmas).  And that the New Year is just around the corner too!
  • Fall clothing!!!  That should have been towards the top of the list.

Alrighty everyone, tomorrow is my FIRST ever race!  I am running the Bridge to Bridge 7k/12k.  I am pretty sure I will only do the 7k, but you don’t have to sign up for either one, so when it comes time to either turn around or keep on trekking, we will see what my brain/body chose to do. 😉  I will take lots of pictures before/after/and possibly during the race to show all of you.

Happy October everyone!  Let’s hope this month turns around for me.

What’s your favorite month and why?

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