A BIG Thank You!

Thank you to everyone that wished me luck on my Tough Mudder race on Saturday!  Wow, what a whirlwind of a weekend it has been.  From the drive up there, to calming our nerves as we got there right when our start time was, to the long 3 hours of endurance obstacles and hikes up a mountain, to almost losing my fingers to hypothermia, to finally earning the right call myself a tough mudder!  It was truly an amazing moment in my life.  I would have never thought that I could have done this, physically and mentally.  Here is a picture of Jean Pierre and I after the race… More pictures to come!

Official Tough Mudders!!!!!!

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3 Responses to A BIG Thank You!

  1. Mom says:

    Well Congrats – You guys look pretty rough.

  2. Jenny Buck says:

    Way too cool!!!

  3. joey says:

    Great job honey. You honestly don’t know how proud I am of you. Thanks for motivating me and sticking with me while I trudged up those hills. I know you could’ve went on faster, but you stuck with the team. You’re turning in to the perfect person! Just like me!

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