A Picture Says a Thousand Words

It would take me forever to write about each and every obstacle that we endured during our Tough Mudder race.  So here’s some of my favorite pictures of team “Great White Buffalo” on the course.  Enjoy!!!

Just starting off!

Fer's muscles are just for show...hehe

What muscles????haha

We are SO pumped!

Dark narrow spaces are not Jean Pierre's friend

SO happy to get out of there!

The guys were obsessed with the gal in the yellow tank and pink headband....or bib# 1333. ahaha

Mud run=lots of fun!

Paul just floated the whole way

I love mud!!!!


Almost frozen....


1 mile carrying a log after the freezing water....look at how big they were!!!

Shots to warm us up....Totally worked!

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3 Responses to A Picture Says a Thousand Words

  1. Jenny Buck says:

    That looks like soooooo much fun!!

  2. Mom says:

    You guys are CRAZY

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