Matchy Matchy

Ok, so this is when you know you love the crazy color of your car…..when your outfit matches it to a T!  And no, this isn’t the only time that this has happened.  I think ever since I got Miss Daisy, I have matched her probably 5 times.  Here’s a picture of what I am wearing at this VERY moment!


The true Miss Daisy!


Ok, onto other news.  I have officially signed up for my first ever Half Marathon! And this time I am giving everyone an advanced notice so that you can come party with me after I finish it!  It’s the Kaiser Half Marathon & 5K SF and it’s on February 6th, 2011.

I picked this one as it is the perfect amount of time for me to train properly.  I am going to follow the plan that they suggest for Intermediate Runner Level 1(that’s a person that runs 10-15 miles per week).  The training schedule actually starts the day I leave for my girls trip to NYC (November 15th), so it looks like I will be packing my sneaks and hitting the Big Apples pavement!  Yay, I am totally psyched for that.  I love running new routes and taking in all of the scenery;) Here’s the actual schedule and I will keep you all posted on how I do with it.  I know that the long runs are going to be tough, but I am SO up for the challenge!

Question of the day: Who’s making their way to SF on Feb 6th???  I would love to see all of your beautiful faces at the finish line!  xo

PS…here’s a link to my pictures that were taken by Tough Mudders photographers.  Pretty hilarious stuff!

Week MON TUE (F) WED THURS  (Q) FRI SAT SUN Total miles
Nov 15-21 Rest 4 m XT 4 m XT Rest 5 m 13
Nov 22-28 Rest 4 m XT 4 m XT Rest 6 m 14
Nov 29-Dec 5 Rest 4 m XT 4 m XT Rest 7 m 15
Dec 6-12 Rest 4 m XT 4 m XT Rest 8 m 16
Dec 13-19 Rest 4 m XT 4 m XT Rest 6 m 14
Dec 20-26 Rest 4 m XT 5 m XT Rest 9 m 18
Dec 27-Jan 2 Rest 5 m XT 5 m XT Rest 10 m 20
Jan 3-9 Rest 5 m XT 6 m XT Rest 7 m 18
Jan 10-16 Rest 5 m XT 7 m XT Rest 10 m 22
Jan 17-23 Rest 6 m XT 7 m XT Rest 11 m 24
Jan  24-30 Rest 6 m XT 8 m XT Rest 12 m 26
Jan 31-Feb 6 Rest 6 m XT/ Rest 4 m Rest Rest RACE!
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5 Responses to Matchy Matchy

  1. Mom says:

    First – The outfit looks great

    Second – the year is 2011 & I hope to be there!

  2. Jenny Buck says:

    We are going to try. I would love to be there. Owen will have a “Go Alex t-shrit” on.

  3. Jenny Buck says:

    Love this pic!!!! they are sooo funny

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