I finally got to get my haircut last night!  You have NO idea how exciting this was for me.  I have waited about 8 months for this day to come… I didn’t realize how short my hair actually was!

During this awkward phase of growing it out, I have been wearing it up in a slicked back bun(or canoodle in Dad’s terms) with tons and tons of bobby pins keeping it in place.  Thank god for those little suckers!

I recently cut my own bangs to do something new…which my hair stylist was none to happy about!  Haha, sorry Kristine!

Here’s the photo of what I was wanting plus a full head of bangs:

And here’s what mine looks like:

One more haircut and I think it will be at the length that I really want it to be at.  Dang short hair!!!

Have you ever cut your hair short and had to deal with the “awkward” phase?

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6 Responses to Haircut!

  1. Jenny Buck says:


  2. julie says:

    You look beautiful! Miss you!

  3. joey says:

    looking cute like always!!!

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