My favorite Holiday is here!  Last night we celebrated it with all of the other goblins and ghouls.  I went as Road Kill and Jean Pierre was the Truck Driver that ran me over.  Our friends were a Nemo being eaten by a shark, a Mexican Firecracker and Cigar Guy.  Amongst the crowd, my favorite costumes that I saw were the Progressive commercial lady and my ALL time favorite….The Beverly Hills Troops!!!!!  I started singing “Beverly Hills, what a thrill” right when they walked by.  And they were so excited because everyone just thought that they were Girl Scouts….  I mean come on people, that was single-handedly the BEST movie EVER!!!!!  And dead give away was the orange curly hair and Chanel earrings 😉  Here are some pictures from the night.  Jean Pierre kept saying that I was scary looking.  Which I didn’t believe until these last 3 pictures of me trying on their wigs.  I admit, I even scared myself a little bit.  Ahahaha.  Happy Halloween!!!!

Some Highlights of the night:

Jean Pierre being TOLD that he is a Mexican from Arizona….and NOTHING else.

Watching a couple of Bumble Bees get kicked out of a club….HOW do you get kicked out on Halloween???  And what did the poor Bumble Bee do???

Bill Murray Pumpkin!


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3 Responses to Halloweenie!!!!

  1. Mom says:

    A+ Lots of creativity.

  2. jaime says:

    OMG! Once again, you out did yourself! Your mom must be so proud that her creative gene is being carried on! Great job, love you and see you at breakfast soon. xxoo Jaime

  3. Jenny Buck says:

    LOVE it!!!
    Looks like you guys had fun.

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