Game 5…

Here we go people! Tonight is Game 5 of the World Series and my Giants are ONE game away from winning it!  We lead the Texas Rangers 3-1, so tonight is going to be a very crucial game.  If we win, it’s done, if they win…the teams come back to SF to battle it out on our turf.  I almost want us to lose tonight just so that we would have the possibility of winning it back home.  But I will take a win either way it comes!  I hope that all of you are glued to your television sets at 4:57pm and rooting for our bearded men!  Go Giants!!!!!

The infamous beard just making its debut 😉

PS….I would really like it to end soon so that my stress level can come down a few hundred notches.  Is that too much to ask for????

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One Response to Game 5…

  1. Mom says:

    Congrats – I couldn’t believe that their last win was the year I was born – Thats a long long time ago!!!!!! Have fun celebrating.

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