A Few Things to Smile About…

Today has been kind of a rough day….well, this whole past week has been a little rough.  I definitely have highs and lows of happiness/depression.  I don’t really talk about it much to others besides Jean Pierre and Mom, but I think since I have been sick all week with a cold, it has made me feel bad both physically and mentally.  I HATE feeling sick.  Well, I don’t think anyone likes to feel sick, but for me, it turns me into this depressed, sad, stressed out human being.  I think part of it is that I don’t like to lay low….I’m a busy little bee, and when something stops me, I get angry.

But to battle off some of these negative thoughts, I am going to share with you a few things that are making me smile right now:

-Introduction of Starbucks Holiday cups!  Why does it make getting a latte so much more special?

Tall Skinny Vanilla Chai Latte PLEASE!

-Pumpkin bagels at Noah’s.  I missed them last year and I am determined not to do so again!

-The fact that in 14 days I will be in NYC with a girlfriend living the life!

-When older men(and I’m talking 85 years old) compliment you on a day you are not feeling so great by saying “Don’t you look sharp!”.

What’s making you guys happy at the moment?  Please share, I need some more inspiration!

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7 Responses to A Few Things to Smile About…

  1. Whitney says:

    1. The Giants, and being able to smile at all the haters http://twitpic.com/33a3hf
    2. Our soccer team made it to the playoffs!
    3. My work just had a cookie party
    4. The holidays are so soon!!

    yay! That makes my day better just thinking about what makes me happy 🙂

  2. jaime says:

    Hum…..love the crisp air, love my Starbucks eggnog drinks, love decorating…love YOU! xxoo Jaime

  3. Mom says:

    Shopping Of Course – And only 17 more days til Harry Potter comes out – Already have my midnight tickets –

  4. joey says:

    hmmm….what makes me happy?
    1. that you are able to share these kinds of feelings with the people that care
    2. the Giants of course
    3. actually, there’s too much to list to be happy about. i’m happy about everything that’s going on now. there’s nothing to be sad about. there’s never a time when there isn’t 1 thing to be happy about.

    one thing that i’m not thrilled about, is not having the time to write in a journal that i’m supposed to be sharing. but with the World Series done, now i have some time!

  5. Jenny Buck says:

    I am with you Alex. This week for me I have been feeling off too.
    Things that make me happy
    1. Owen Owen Owen Owen!!
    2. My family
    3. Firends
    4. and your Blog. I feel that I been able to really get to know you better. It is the 1st thing I do when I get to work.
    5. Being creative, If i can find the time

    Love ya and see you soon.

  6. Miran says:

    1. Being around family …and that includes talking to my sister on the phone
    2. Being busy
    3. Fall weather and accessories to match 🙂
    4. A nice date 😉
    5. Teaching underprivileged kids, even though some days are very challenging

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