Congratulations Giants 2010!

Finally our wait is over!  The SF Giants won the World Series and San Francisco was one big party yesterday!  Hundreds of thousands of fans flocked to Downtown to celebrate our amazing baseball team with their parade.  It was an absolute madhouse here.  Unfortunately I had to work, but Jean Pierre was able to attend and snap some pictures and video footage of the craziness.  He was lucky enough to be at the staging area of the parade, so he got to see all of the players arrive and in their own element.  The parade made its way down Market Street and ended up at Civic Center where they gave speeches and thanked everyone for being so supportive of the team.  I am so proud of these guys.  Definitely something that I thought we would never experience.

It wouldn't be SF if they didn't ride in Cable Cars!

Loved all the cool old cars!

My man Jonathan Sanchez!!!

They brought their own coolers of beer...ahaha

Oh Gavin! How I will miss thee!

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One Response to Congratulations Giants 2010!

  1. Mom says:

    You are really a fan – I can’t tell who they are without their uniforms (and name on back) – Oh well – They are CHAMPS.

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