What Has Gotten in to Me???

Ok….something very very out of the ordinary happened to me last night.  I bought, gulp, a COUNTRY album!!!!  Aaahhh!  Someone take my temperature!  If you know me, you know that I despise Country music.  Like it literally makes me sick to my stomach.  I hate all of the lame lyrics and predictable melodies.  But last night, as I was watching my late night guilty pleasure, Chelsea Lately, she had Sugarland’s adorable singer on as a guest.  Chelsea was going on about how great their new album, The Incredible Machine, was.   And how she works out to it.  Then the singer was saying how she was inspired by all of her favorite 80’s films for this album.  Which sparked my curiosity.  Since she loves Pretty in Pink as much as I do, and she’s super cute and funny, I should give her the benefit of the doubt and check out her music….

And man am I glad I did!  This album is just what I need in my life right now.  It’s fun, upbeat, happy, and most of all, it’s great running music!  I listened to it this morning while on the treadmill and it made the time fly by!  I also LOVE her music video of the song “Stuck Like Glue”.  Watch it, you will love it too!  And if I could look like she does in a teal unitard, sign me up!!!!!

Hope this video makes you smile as much as it does for me!  Happy Saturday everyone!!!!  Oh and if anyone would like a copy of this CD I will personally burn one for you and mail it your way!  Mom and Jenny, yours are already on their way! 😉

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6 Responses to What Has Gotten in to Me???

  1. Aunt Gig says:

    It did put a smile on my face, but I already have the CD. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Miran says:

    I want a copy! 🙂

  3. Jenny Buck says:

    I would love one too!!!! They are great. Ones you go country, you will love it forever.

  4. Mom says:

    I look forward to getting my copy – thanks for sharing. Love ya

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