6 Glorious Miles

Yesterday was a gloomy rainy day here in SF….  But luckily, it was also Daylight Savings Time, which meant I got to turn my clock back and snooze for just a bit longer.  Err, or until Noon!  Do I think I am a growing teenager again???  Ha.

After a lazy start to the day, I decided to tackle a long run.  Since it was raining all morning, but the weather gal on Kron 4 News said that it would be over with by 2pm, I decided to wait until then.  *Side note, I seriously love Kron’s weather predictions.  Jean Pierre got me addicted because they used to have the Bay Area’s best looking weather gals(not so much anymore).  But their predictions are usually spot on!

Once the rain subsided, I laced up my sneaks(which I desperately need new ones….my pinky toe is about to pop out of my left one!  eeks) and headed out the door.  I did my usual run that I haven’t been able to do in a while since it’s been so dark outside when I get off of work.  I ran from Jean Pierre’s house past AT&T Park, along the Embarcadero, all the way to the Ferry Building and back.

AT&T Park

I always struggle to get past mile 2, but once I do, the rest of the miles just fly right on by!  I managed to set a personal record of 6.10miles in 56.20minutes!  Average pace of 9.14/miles.  Man I am getting fast!  When I first started running, I was doing 14minute miles.  Like Grandma pace!  But it just goes to show you, if you keep practicing you can get stronger and faster.  If I continue at this rate, I am hoping to finish my Half Marathon in an hour and 45minutes.

Cupid's Arrow along the Embarcadero

Ferry Building

Speaking of…remember when I posted my training schedule for it???  Well, it starts next Monday while I am in NYC!  Aaahh!  I cannot believe how fast November has crept up on me.  Usually I am done with my Christmas shopping by now, and this year I haven’t even started!  Although I have made a list of what I want to get everyone….now comes the fun part of shopping!  Wahoo!

Hope you all are having a Happy and Sunny Monday! xo

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