Day 2…A Little Blurry

As I said, Day 2 started off a little blurry for us.  Rolling out of bed at noon, with a POUNDING champagne headache and sunshine glaring in our face.  We decided it was just about time to tackle the day.

Yes, I want to live there please!!

So off to the Village we went to shop till we dropped, or passed out from alcohol poisoning.  You choose!  Man our livers were hating us…

After some browsing and plenty of window shopping, we popped into Magnolia Bakery for a vanilla sprinkles cupcake.  Because let’s face it, after a full night of drinking, sugar is really the only thing that sounds good.  Well, it was good, but the second it hit my stomach, my alcohol sickness and headache turned into a sugary coma of a mess.  I was instantly sick again.  What better way to cure that sickness, than with a glass of bubbles at The Standard’s Hotel bar!

Bon Anniversaire pour moi! 😉

NOT a good idea people!   We were instantly drunk again and I learned from Heather what the “Shampoo Effect” was.

Old fashioned glass for a new kind of hotel. Love it!

The Standard's Bar/Restaurant. Very quaint!

After walking what seemed like forever, I decided it was time to head back to A Second Chance and pick up my gorgeous jacket.  I couldn’t drag Heather there fast enough to make the purchase.  I love these purchases that I don’t even hesitate.  I swear, I had a hard time justifying a $90 sweater from TopShop, but a $900 jacket was like pocket change!  Ahahaha, so sad.

Window shopping at Louboutin

Mom, I took this picture for you! Don't you love a giant sized bootie?!

I literally jumped with glee the moment she was mine.  Seriously, this has been a life long dream of mine to own a Chanel Tweed Jacket!  I seriously could die tomorrow(not really, but fashion me says yes, you can!)

Chanel and Dom...who do I think I am?! Kate Middelton??? Hehe

The infamous ice bucket

We proceeded back to the hotel and Heather thought it was a great time to pop open our bottle of Dom Perignon that her husband got us(Merci beacoup times a million Scott!!!!).  We had been chilling it in the recycling bin.  Appropriate for a bottle of Dom right?!  Haha. (Yes, that’s my Chanel jacket I’m wearing…gotta give her a name!)

Our candlelight dinner 😉

We headed out to Emporio for dinner.  It’s a dimly light Italian restaurant in Soho.  What delicious food we had!  From the mushroom risotto croquettes(I’m still drooling just thinking about them), to the butternut squash ravioli, and mushroom gnocchi.  We definitely ate well that night!  And we enjoyed eavesdropping on the patrons next to us.  It was a couple and what seemed to be their therapist having a deeply intense conversation.  Needless to say, between their talking, and our amazing food, we were pretty quiet.

After dinner, we knew that we needed to go out for more drinks.  I mean, it’s New York people!   We couldn’t just head back to the hotel at 11pm!  So we took our servers idea and headed out to a bar….

Well,  while en route to that said bar, we randomly bumped into a local guy that started chatting with us.  He seemed really cool, so we asked him where we should go and he started to lead the way.  Yes, I do know that it’s dangerous to walk around with a complete stranger on a dark rainy night through small streets.  But it seemed like a good idea at the time and ended up alright.  Man I would hate to be a parent and know what my daughter is doing at times…SORRY MOM!  Eeks….

Our buddy, whom we couldn’t even understand what he was saying his name was(I think he was from Austria?) took us to a bar called Kenmare which is owned by Chloe Sevigny’s brother.  He knew the bouncer, hostess and manager and introduced us to all of them.  Which by the way, it was 11ish and the manager said to him “what are you doing here so early?!”  I guess he usually rolls in there around 2am.  Haha, we were SO the lame old ladies there!

Our gentleman friend left and said he would be back later when the party starts hapenning.  So we headed back upstairs from the club and decided to sit at the bar in the restaurant area.  One drink later, and no buzz coming back (don’t you just hate the second day of drinking and you just can’t seem to get a good feeling again?!) we came to our senses that we should just head back to the hotel, get a good nights rest so we can be up a little bit earlier for our last day there.

We finished off our last two drinks of Dom and then hunkered down into our PJ’s for a great nights rest.  Last day to come next…So sad how quick it went by!

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