Last Day in NYC…tear

We woke up thinking “Wow, I can’t believe how fast this trip went by!”  The 3rd day was pretty much us wandering in amazement through Central Park on this absolutely stunning day!  The leaves had so many different colors and I thought I would just share with you our pictures from the beautiful walk we had. 

Uptown is always nice to see, but I am so much more of a Village type of gal.  We ended up walking 5th Avenue and going into a few shops, but we mostly spent the day just wandering the park and taking in all of the beauty that this city has to offer. 

I’ve been back for less than 24 hours and I am itching to be in New York again….  I see a city change in my near future.  Ready Jean Pierre????!

Impromptu leaf throwing/jumping photo shoot...

After 8 tries, I finally gave up. Haha

PS, Heather…YOU are amazing!  I had such a wonderful time with you and hope we can do it again sometime soon!  No Sasha and Ginger sightings, wahoo to us 😉 xoxo Al


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