NYC One Day at a Time!

I have made the executive decision to post my New York adventures one day at a time.  It is after all, my blog  right?!

Cafe Cafe!

Goodness, where to begin?!  After our dreaded Redeye flight(I seriously never know why I book these!  I can NEVER sleep  on them.)  we made it back to our hotel for an early check in.  We stayed at the Sheraton in Tribeca.  Heather went to the room for a nap and I did a quick and sweaty 4.5 miles on their very snazzy treadmill.  Seriously, I would stay here again just for the gym.  Very high quality….I mean, I had my own TV in front of me on the machine!  I of course entertained myself with Amazing Cakes on TLC….Because why not have some motivation while running, right?  Too bad I only made use out of this once….You’ll see why later!

Best sandwich ever!!!

After a shower and change into a faux fur vest & leather mini shorts, we headed out to walk the streets of Soho and get some shopping in us.  But our tummies started to growl and luckily it was at the time that we were right around the corner of my favorite sandwich shop!  I stalked this place two years ago when I was there with my cousin.  I was so happy to have remembered where it was at.  If you’re in the NYC area, you HAVE to stop at Cafe Cafe (470 Broome St).  The mozzarella, avocado, and sprout sandy with veggie soup definitely made me feel all warm inside.  Aaahh, how I love New York and all of it’s tastiness!

Onward we went, and landed at Topshop.  We gathered about a million and a half things to try on, and actually were randomly selected to try on the items in the personal shopping area.  What a great experience!  They offer you drinks, and candies(umm, best black licorice!).  I kind of felt bad that we ended up only buying one thing each….Oh well.

I drank 10 bucks by this point...haha

After that we walked some more and stumbled into Cipriani for a $20 bellinni.  Only in New York could you get away with a price like that!  Haha, but go big or go home was my motto for the trip. (Wait till you hear what we did next! eeks)

Another round of walking and going into stores lead us to a vintage/consignment shop called A Second Chance(155 Prince St), this is where the real damage happened!

I found a navy vintage Chanel tweed jacket that fit me like a glove!  It was love at first site….But I did resist on buying it that night and decided to be the annoying customer that I always hate, and slept on it.  Well, let’s just say, it did end up in my suitcase, and I did wear it the next night.  But more on that later!


We then proceeded back to the hotel to shower and get ready for dinner at Pastis, my stop I will always make no matter what!

STK...about 3 drinks in at this point....

Dinner was fabulous.  I had the grilled vegetables with a very generous serving of Heather’s pomme frites that came with her burger.  Ummmm, I love you Pastis and everything you stand for!

Very full, but not yet satisfied with the amount of drinks we had consumed.  We walked around the corner in meatpacking and ran into the first bar we saw, STK.  Totally old school and very touristy but our tender of the bar served us copious amounts of wine/champagne(we only paid for one round but got 4 drinks each!)  Both of us chatted the night away and I definitely think we got some serious conversations out that night…..At least I think we did!  Ahaha.

Our amazing Broadway actor/Josh Duhamel look alike bartender sent us 10 blocks to a bar called Employees Only.  How we managed to walk there I have no idea?!  By this time it was probably 2am-ish….  We finally made it, and I’m sure we looked beyond wasted.  Yet we ordered and finished 2 more drinks there. I also ended up sitting next to a guy that yes, Jean Pierre I did talk to him, but it was TOTALLY harmless as his girlfriend was on the other side and could not hold on tight enough to him….He owns a building literally a half a block from where I live!  How freaking small is this world?!

A friend I made while en route to E.O.

After that last drink, which completely put us over, we found a cab, and headed back to the hotel…That is, until Heather realized she didn’t have her phone.  We turned around, and luckily it was on the ground at the last bar we were at.  Sooo relieved she found it!

One more try at going to bed….which thank god there was a pizza shop next to the Sheraton which of course had the WORLD’S BEST SLICE OF CHEESE PIZZA!  Haha, doesn’t it always seem that way at 3am??

A good nights rest was in store for us, and sleeping in until noon the next day only to wake to a major headache is to come on Day 2 of my NYC adventures story.

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3 Responses to NYC One Day at a Time!

  1. heather says:

    thank you al for booking, planning, sharing and documenting our fabulous trip!!!!!!! Too bad my picture taking skills are below par. Luv the photo of you jumping in the fall leaves…..But your face is covered……Oh well I guess we will have to go back an take another one……I’m ready whenever you are!

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