What I am thankful for today…

A.  The sartorialist posting a picture of this lovely lady in her AMAZING outfit.  Umm, can i be her???  Or at least own that coat and scarf….and shoes!  Ugh

B.  The fact that it’s drizzly outside today and cold, so it made me pull out a vintage red tweed jacket, cowl neck sweater and boots.  Oh how I love Fall/Winter time!

What are you guys thankful for today???

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5 Responses to What I am thankful for today…

  1. jaime says:

    First of all…I am grateful that you are an amazing creative young woman that can write the best blog! Seriously, I have several girlfriends that have blogs and yours by far is the best! I am grateful for many many many blessings. One would be that after 24.5 years of marriage, I overheard my husband on the phone yesterday refer to me as his “bride”. I am grateful that I have a young human teen (with much gratitude to you Alex!) that has a great heart and good head on his shoulders and tells me EVERY day that he loves me. I am grateful that I still have both of my parents that I adore. I am grateful that when I fall out of grace…the space of time for me to rebound back to my heart is shorter and shorter……….Happy Thanksgiving my dear Alex~ xxoox

    • amfaay says:

      Aww Jaime! That is the sweetest thing! And I love that Jeff calls you his bride. Always a gentleman as is your human boy! Wishing you all a wonderful Thanksgiving and let’s make some permanent plans to see each other before the Holidays have come and gone! xoxoxo

  2. heather says:

    I am grateful that you sent me the pictures of the amazing jacket.
    To quote our favorite person RZ. Totally Bananas! I Die!
    And I am so grateful that you bought that amazing vintage jacket. Soooo cute. gives me several outfit ideas!!!!!

  3. Mom says:

    I am very very thankfull for my family – wonderfull husband and TWO VERY BEAUTIFULL DAUGHTERS – you all make my heart sing

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