In a Slump

Inspire me Jane! (image courtesy of

We all have those times when we get down, or don’t feel like working out etc.  Well, I am TOTALLY in one of those right now.  I have just been feeling tired and not inspired by my workouts. Which is really bumming me out since I have my half marathon training that I haven’t even begun yet!  Eeks!!

Yesterday I even got dressed, went to the gym, hopped on the stair climber since all of the treadmills were full, climbed for a minute and then jumped off and went home.  I have NEVER done that before!  Usually once I am at the gym I can just focus and get my sweat on.  But the past week I am just not at all interested in it.  And my body is starting to feel it.

So today is a new week…Don’t you just LOVE Monday resolutions?!  Haha.  I am going to hit the gym tonight after a full day of watching a 7 month old.  I will jump on that treadmill and power out 3.5miles.  Then maybe some ab/arm/butt/leg strength training moves and stretching.

I know that once I finish my workout I will feel a million times better.   It’s just the first 10 minutes for me that are hard.  Wish me luck and I hope you all are having a great beginning of a short work week!

And if you’re needing some inspiration like me, here’s a great article about how to get out of a workout slump:

5 ways to break out of a workout slump

*Also, is it just me or is it this cold winter time of year that just makes you want to not go to the gym, make some hot chocolate with tons of whipped cream, put your flannel pj’s on and watch Holiday movies???

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4 Responses to In a Slump

  1. Mom says:

    You so can’t get in a slump – YOU are my inspiration – PLUS you must fit into the x-mas gifts that I already bought you.

  2. Miran says:

    Yesterday I put on the new workout clothes that I just spent a fortune on and then went to bed. Nothing’s worse than waking up in workout clothes and realizing you didn’t workout. ….slump central! Gonna read that article now, hehe.

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