I Wait ALL Year…

For the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show!!!  And the wait is finally over for 2010, as I get to sit back, relax, maybe open a bottle of wine, and watch the most gorgeous women parade around in fabulous getups.  Aren’t you all excited???

Photo courtesy of: womenfashiontrends.com

I just love watching all of the amazing costumes they come up with.  From the wings, to the million dollar bra(although, it should be up to a gazillion by now!).  I also love watching to see who is in the audience.  You’re guaranteed to see Paris Hilton and some rapper(usually  P-Diddy).  Last year a shocker to me was Martha Stewart…Sooo random!

Photo courtesy of: newfashionnews.com

Also, my favorite section usually ends up being the PINK collection.  The models are like 10 years old, but they make it so fun and youthful.


It’s airs tonight at 10pm on CBS.  I highly recommend staying up for it, or at least setting the TiVo.

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One Response to I Wait ALL Year…

  1. Mom says:

    Watched it last night – very entertaining – I bet you know all the models and people in the seats.

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