Cookie Weekend Extravaganza!

Well, tis the season for my crazy family to get together & bake thousands of cookies!  I think my cousin was counting and said it was somewhere in the line of 4,000.  Can you believe that?!  The below photo was taken when I arrived Saturday morning, so that was only about half of the amount that was made!

Yes, Pomegranate Champagne drinks were all consumed 😉

Some of our new recipes, thanks to the amazing Aunt Gig, included a lemon zest ball cookie, and a cranberry jelly cookie.  Both are totally new favs of mine!  I have eaten two cookies a night, so at this rate I will need to head back to Gig’s to refill my tin by the weekend 😉

We also played a ton of Wii Just Dance 2….umm, kind of obsessed people!  So much so, that after I moved all of my stuff out of my apartment(lease is up tomorrow) I made Jean Pierre go to Best Buy with me and purchase the game, and battled it out on the dance floor Sunday night.  Let me tell you, someone was a little(or a LOT) sweaty after wards.  Haha.  Guess the gym might be in his near future if he wants to win the crown!

Gonna dance a ton this weekend too….gotta work off all those cookies! Happy Holidays everyone.  Oh and here’s the most adorable shot of my cousin Owen in the infamous HUGE baking bowl that my Dad let’s us borrow every year.  Enjoy!

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3 Responses to Cookie Weekend Extravaganza!

  1. jaime says:

    Oh MY gosh!!! That is so many cookies. What a fun, amazing tradition you all have kept up. Fun. That photo of the baby in the bowl is priceless!~ Happy Holidaze! xxoo Jaime

  2. Mom says:

    As always it was LOADS of fun – See ya all next year. Glad to see you’re back on the blog – missed it.

  3. Jenny Buck says:

    My work cp went down. and let me tell you i have been missing your blog…!!!!
    My little man is soooo cute. love seeing you guys see you soon.

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