So today I woke up, still feeling a little groggy and sick, and couldn’t quite decide on what to wear to work.  This rarely happens to me.  As I usually just open my tired eyes, stare up at my massive amount of clothes and put together an outfit in my mind…then I go back to sleep for at least 30 more minutes(true story).  But this morning was not the case.  I actually put on two different outfits, hated both, and then decided on wearing my Jay Godfrey Black and White Dress with my Elizabeth & James Blazer, tights, and Mary Jane style pumps. 

I didn’t really feel good about it, but time was up and I needed to jet out of the house.

WELL….much to my surprise I went to Safeway and immediately received 3 comments from onlookers! The first: “You are a tall glass of wine” as I walked through the entrance.  Then a: “Wow you are a gorgeous woman” as I was perousing the medicine aisle for Advil Cold & Sinus(sexy, right?! ha).  And the last was just a long, deep stare while I was in line for Starbucks.

Crazy.  I guess the universe just knows when you need a little pick me up!  Err….or 3.

Then to top it off, I ordered my usual Grande Skinny Vanilla Chai Latte, and my barista decided to give me a Venti instead.  This must be one powerful outfit!  Or is it my new hairstyle I tried out today???

Nothing like a good braid!

Have you gotten any nice comments recently that just made your day?

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3 Responses to Really???

  1. joey says:

    a crazy old black man stared at me for about a minute while we were both waiting to get off the bus. i’m not sure if he wanted to fight or was staring at my beautiful locks. does that count? let me walk around my office and see if any of the girls will compliment me…

  2. julie says:

    i too thought you looked beautiful today! xo

  3. Mom says:

    I think you look beautiful EVERY day – enjoy the compliments – they get fewer the older ya get.

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