It’s Like Christmas!

You know it’s a good day when you come home and there are not one, not two…but THREE glossy magazines waiting for you to dive into!  I LOVE magazines!!!  The only thing bad about being a subscriber to pretty much every mag out there, is that you go through the agony of seeing them on the supermarket shelves and immediately the urge to buy is at your fingertips.  I do get confused sometimes as to whether I subscribe to certain magazines.  And on the rare occasion, I might end up buying one that no sooner arrives in my mailbox.  C’est la vie! 

I would LOVE to be her!

Santa, please bring me a pair of those shoes!

Here are some highlights from my mag’s that I am enjoying at the moment:(*pictures in order to bullets)

  • I ALWAYS open Elle to the “Ask E Jean” column first.  She is my absolute favorite writer and I adore all of her quick wit and fun, yet smart advice.
  • This amazing photo shoot by Peter Lindbergh(also one of my favorites) in Vogue.  Check out her shoes!!!  I live for you Prada heels.
  • “62 Ways to Feel Better Fast” in Self.  Will let you know some highlights later.
  • A quote that I would like to live by…Not going to say in 2011, just going to start NOW!
  • And one of my all time favorite actresses Winona Ryder(yes that’s actually her!) styled by Kate Lanphear in Vogue.

What magazines do you get so excited about when they arrive at your door step???

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