My Name is Craig….I Did Drugs Once….

So NBC aired an SNL Christmas special tonight and it got me thinking of all of my favorite SNL sketches they’ve done.  My sister and I used to LOVE to impersonate the Hanz and Franz characters as well as the Spartan cheerleaders. To this day we still can recite a whole cheer on command.  I love it!  Just thought I would share some of my favorite SNL moments that I hold dear to my heart. 

What’s your favorite skit they’ve ever done???

*Here’s a secret about me, I have ALWAYS wanted to be on this show!  I know I’m not that funny, but I really love impersonating people and do it in my spare/alone time. 😉 Not joking.

*Also, you will understand the title of this post if you watch the second video. Wink wink;)

*And the 3rd video is a little riskay!  So if you’re watching this at work, I would advise to turn the volume down!!!!

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5 Responses to My Name is Craig….I Did Drugs Once….

  1. Jenny Buck says:

    LOVE LOVE the Spartan Cheerleaders at the swim meat. I can remember you guys doing that one.
    Taco! Burrito!
    What’s comin’ out of your Speedo?
    You’ve got troubles-Woo!
    You’re blowin’ bubbles-Woo!

    Float, float, float, float
    You’re puttin’ around like a motor boat
    You’re blowing bubbles!

  2. joey says:

    you’re funny…..


  3. Miran says:

    Who’s that spartan swimmin’ in my sea?
    It’s me!
    It’s me!


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