Closet Organization

Can I just say, that yes, I do go to clients houses and tell them what to get rid of and what to keep.  And how to organize their closets so that they are efficient and easy to manage….BUT, when it comes to doing this for myself, I must admit, I need a little help!

I think my problem with keeping my closet organized and getting rid of items that I no longer wear, and probably will NEVER wear again, is that I have so much love for each and every piece.  Every item that I own has a story behind it.  From my days when I wore only pink in high school…yes, PINK head to toe for ONE WHOLE YEAR!  (Oh the agony!)  From my days now of Black Black and more Black.  I also have a fond admiration of vintage pieces.  Knowing that someone in the 50’s loved a certain piece just as much as I do now, brings me such joy!

But after perusing my favorite blog, The Glamourai, and seeing how even a fashionista like herself tames down her closet makes me realize that it’s my turn to do so too!  So come Thursday, when I have nothing else to do other than a 7 mile run for my half marathon training, I promise to cleanse my closet and post before and after pictures.  And maybe, JUST MAYBE, any items that will be sent either to consignment or charity, will be posted and up for grabs by my ever so fabulous readers!

Here’s some photos of the Glamourai’s closet.  Oh how I love her!  Definitely check out her blog if you haven’t already done so…She’s AMAZING!

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7 Responses to Closet Organization

  1. julie says:

    Your link takes me to ebay bowling. What else have you been doing today? xo

  2. joey says:

    i’m holding you to this!!!!! hehe, i love all your clothes too.

  3. Mom says:

    If only I could fit – how I wish

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