25 More Days!!!

Aaahhh!  I’ve only got 25 more days until my Half Marathon is here!  Yikes!  And like a lot of other healthy bloggers that I follow who also train for marathons, this is the time when I start to lose motivation for my workouts….  This might be due to the weather(Um, 50 degrees outside only makes me want to RUN for my bed and blankets!), or the fact that it’s national “I’m gonna try the gym out” month(I HATE January!  Don’t get me wrong, I love that people are starting to workout, but please abide by the “rules” of the gym and don’t hog machines!).  It also might be the fact that I am totally BORED with my workouts!  I love to run, but when I am forced to go to the gym and use the equipment I just have NO motivation!  I have recently taken two new classes for me, one was a Hot Yoga Flow class which I was totally sore from.  And the other was the new gym craze(no, not zumba! aha) Body Pump.  Which is basically a weight lifting class that incorporates your full body.  Lot’s of squats while lifting weights….my legs are STILL sore from my class on Sunday!

Now that I have more time on my hands I am definitely going to try and take different kinds of classes.  Mom, if you are reading, please stop now….  I just signed up for a pole dancing class!  Hahaha.  Going to take a girlfriend so I don’t feel SO awkward by myself.  I’ve heard it’s an amazing workout especially for your upper body, which I am totally weak in.

So question of the day, what’s a new workout(could just be new to you) that you are wanting to try?  And what’s keeping you from doing it??  If you need  a workout buddy I am totally game to fly there and go with you!

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One Response to 25 More Days!!!

  1. joey says:

    what’s a Pole Dancing class?

    and don’t forget you work out at home doing Just Dance 2, Michael Jackson the Experience, and Dance Central!

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