All My Beauties

So after my rough dentist visit: “Um, hello Root Canal, so glad to have you around for the 3rd time in 2 years!”  Ugh…  I came home and spent 3 hours transforming my closet.  First I went to Ross and bought the slim hangers.  The inventor of those is genius!  After switching out about 1/2 of my hangers, I then proceeded to:

A.  Color coordinate

B.  Categorize:  Blouses, Sweaters, Dresses, Skirts, Jackets, and my favorite category for last, COATS!

C.  Then I moved around some furniture like my amazing vintage trunk.  It now holds all of my purses;)

D.  I arranged all of my favorite jewels to be displayed.  I love all of the sparkles in a vintage jam jar.

E.  And I placed around some of my favorite magazines and books.  Yes I know I have an “issue”(get it?) with keeping all of them.

It’s not perfect but I love the fact that I get to wake up and scan all of my wardrobe.  Oh and I ended up not getting rid of things just yet.  I do have some items in our spare room that I will post soon for you guys to fight over;)

Hope this inspires all of you to tackle your closets!!!  xo and Happy Almost 3 Day Weekend for all you employed folks! 😉

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One Response to All My Beauties

  1. wjfry says:

    I spy you in that first picture!

    I love this. Amazing! I just got a packet of 50 of those Real Simple slim hangers for Xmas. I’m going to use you for inspiration on my new closet! I’m excited to see what discards you post!!

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