Weekend Update

Well….I did one of the things that I set out to do!  But I did add a ton of other things that made this weekend great.

Not only was the weather absolutely gorgeous!  Um hello, it is still January right???  Because the sun was shinning brightly, it made it easy for me to lace up my sneaks and head outside for my 11 mile run.  Things started off well, and I even had a running buddy for the first 2 miles!  Yay, thanks Fer! 😉

I was doing alright until about 6 miles into it…..  I have been training for my race since November, and thankfully haven’t had any injuries other than minor ones like blisters and losing my big toe nail, ugh.  But recently I have been having some groin pains.  Which I then overcompensate and put more weight on my bad hip.  Which then leads me to limp around for the rest of the day after my race.  Well…..  at about mile 6 my pain started to flare up again.  Each step I took I was in agony.  I should have listened to my body and to all of the other bloggers that I read, that say running never makes the pain go away.  I made it to about 10.5 miles and completely broke down on the street.  I walked in pain the half mile back home and have been limping ever since.

I’m already about 75% better.  But that said, I just hope that this pain doesn’t come back every time I head out for a run!  I only have 2 more weeks until my race and I want to be in tip top shape for it!  If this pain does keep reoccurring, I will make an appointment to see a chiropractor and figure out what is really going on.  I hope it’s nothing serious!

On another note, I didn’t make my veggie cake, but I did make a loaf of whole wheat bread!  (Thank you Aunt Gig for letting me borrow your bread maker!)  I am currently enjoying a sandwich with Ghouda cheese, avacado, lettuce, tomato, and mustard.  Mmmm.  And tonight I promised Jean Pierre I will make him dinner, so it’s pasta night and I am going to use this bread to make garlic toast.  The veggie cake will be made soon, I promise you that!

Other fun things that happened this weekend….cheese quesadilla and nachos munching while watching the Packers game at Padre’s, then some homemade pizza making last night with the guys.  Man it was a cheesy weekend! 😉


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3 Responses to Weekend Update

  1. Mom says:

    So now I’m worried about the pain – PLEASE PLEASE have it checked.

  2. Jenny Buck says:

    Aunt Sandy is right. You should have it looked out. It is better to be safe. You would not want to hurt your self more.

  3. joey says:

    I agree with the above comments. Take a break or you’re going to make things worse. The race isn’t everything. Pushing yourself to “train” for the race may have lasting damage. And then we can’t do Just Dance 2 or The Michael Jackson Experience or Dance Central anymore! I’m thinking about myself here!

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