Thursday Daydreaming

Who doesn’t love to daydream about what their future home could look like???  If I was to decorate mine today, it would look a little something like this:

The Living Room

The Kitchen

The Bedroom

The Dining Room

The Work Space

*All images courtesy of Rue Magazine

Happy Dreaming! xo

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7 Responses to Thursday Daydreaming

  1. wjfry says:

    I have done this daydreaming so often lately. This is super gorgeous and so you! Even the coats and the bags. To die for.

    • amfaay says:

      I’m sure you have! And at least you have the opportunity for a fresh start right now. I feel like you have to move in order to have a clean slate. xoxo Good luck Whit!

  2. Aunt Gig says:

    I think we have all had this same daydream. Love the rooms, except the dining room. Sorry.

  3. Miran says:

    Now I challenge you to find pics of what my perfect house would look like. Let’s see how well you know me????

  4. Mom says:

    Nice rooms – the office is soo you – maybe it’s just that it’s your color????

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