NYC Bound

Tomorrow Jean Pierre and I will jet set off to NYC on the redeye.  Here’s a few things that we plan to do:

We are staying here.

We will be having dinner at one of my favorite restaurants that’s always a “must stop” while in New York.

We will also be having dinner at an Italian Winebar I’ve never been to but it sounds pretty amazing.

And lunch on our last day here….Mmm, cheese fondue! The famous chef and cutie Rocco Dispirito said it’s the best cheese he’s ever had.

Lot’s of wandering around in the cold will happen.  And hopefully a stroll in Central Park.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone and Happy Valentine’s Day! xo

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2 Responses to NYC Bound

  1. joey says:

    i will only ride in the Cash Cab

  2. Stephanie Warren says:

    Sounds wonderful! Hope you have an amazing weekend and Happy valentines XO

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