Straight to the Gutter!

Apparently when I say “flexibility” my readers minds go straight to the gutter!  I am blaming Jaime for starting this outbreak of dirtiness.  Haha, just kidding!

So my next goal is not to hop on the pole for dollar bills(although I am going to take an introductory class pretty soon with a girlfriend of mine).  My next goal is to gain back my flexibility in general and maybe be able to do the splits again.  *Image courtesy of

Ever since I stopped dancing and taken up other fitness activities, mainly running, I have lost a ton of my flexibility and it is killing me!  I hate not being able to touch my toes without cringing.  And don’t even get me started on my splits!  Ugh.  Especially with my bad hip I have been terrified of trying to do them again.

So here’s the plan:  I am giving myself 3 months to get somewhat flexible again.  I know that I am not going to be folding into a pretzel in that amount of time, but I think it’s just enough to see some improvement!  Here’s what I will be doing to get towards my goal:

  • Stretch every morning and night.
  • Go to yoga more often.
  • Practice splits everyday.

I know it doesn’t sound like much, but I think that with stretching everyday, I will become more and more bendy like I used to be.

Fun fact Friday:  Do you know what your stripper name would be?(since we’re on that subject)  Just combine your first pet’s name with the street you grew up on.  Mine is Lady Sunfield, I think I would be a high class striper 😉

Comment what yours would be!  Happy Friday everyone!

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5 Responses to Straight to the Gutter!

  1. Aunt Gig says:

    Mine would be Trixie Nummer. (Same as your mothers)

  2. jaime says:

    HA! I can not WAIT to see photos from the Pole Dance friends and I tried that one night last year at a girls night out….SOOoooo funny. My name would be: Honey Wind River…………ummmm

  3. Jenny says:

    whodi 14th

    I dont know about that name. I dont think that game works for me. LOL

  4. Miran says:

    Lady Sunfield as well. Good thing we live in different towns. Don’t want to confuse any of our customers, aha. xoxo

  5. Mom says:

    Well I really don’t remember ‘Trixie’ – so I’ll say that mine would be Mitsie East Wind – Also, I’m surprised your Aunt Gigi didn’t comment on her splits.

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