On the Pole

Yesterday was a great day!  Not only was it my big sisters birthday(HAPPY BIRTHDAY MIRANDA!!!), but I got to try something new with one of my dear friends Tiff.  We went….wait for it….Burlesque dancing!  It was held at a dance studio that dedicates itself to the art of seduction…err…pole dancing.  We originally wanted to take a pole class, but with our busy schedules we just couldn’t find one that worked out.  But luckily they only have one dance room!  So sure enough, we jumped on, twirled, and climbed any chance that we got.  (I think our instructor was getting annoyed with us, haha)

Needless to say, I think we are now hooked on Pole Dancing.  We are already planning our next trip there, so if anyone wants to donate some dollar bills so we can make it rain, feel free to send em our way!

Side note, we got to thinking, where do strippers learn how to pole dance?  I mean, from what we noticed last night, you can’t just hop on it and look graceful.  Oh, and yes, my arms are sore today from it.   What a crazy intense workout it is for your upper strength and core muscles.  This studio also hosts parties, so if any of you want to take a trip to South San Francisco, I would LOVE to have a party there! 😉

Double side note, my adorable pup was featured on one of my favorite blogs, CarrotsNCake today for her “Blog Dogs” post.  Check it out(He’s the 8th one down).  I’m such a proud Mama right now!


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3 Responses to On the Pole

  1. joey says:

    i think i can round up some dollars for you. there’s a drawer with about 400 one-dollar bills. whenever you take the class, we’ll see what you learn and then it can either STORM, or it can sprinkle. hehe

  2. Miran says:

    JD is the cutest dog! You should be proud!!! …and thanks for the bday wishes. xoxo

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