Oops I Did It Again…

I took another Pole Dancing Class, and I liked loved it!  I even got to break out my recently purchased(before Lent) stripper shoes!!!  Here’s what they look like:

*Image courtesy of lingerieoutlook.com

So you might notice just how high those suckers are?…  Well, turns out that Tiff and I went double the height as the shoes that are offered to class participants that don’t own their own stripper shoes are like 3 inches less than ours!  Needless to say, I was the tallest in the class.  Wahoo, score for me!  Haha.  Oh and, I know Jean Pierre won’t allow this, but I would LOVE to share with you a photo of me standing next to him with them on.  If you thought I was taller than him with no shoes, he looks like a 10 year old with those things on.

Class was super fun.  We got to learn one acrobatic trick on the pole which caused me to have bruises all down my right shin and knee.  Man oh man is it hard work!  I definitely have a new found respect for these ladies that endure it on a regular basis.  I wanted to learn how to go upside down, but apparently that’s too advanced for a first class.  Argh!

Tiffy already purchased her own pole for her house. (Don’t ask!)  She went for the Kendra Wilkinson one, you know her, Hugh Hefner’s ex-girlfriend!  Apparently she has her own retractable pole.  I SO want to get one myself but fear that I have no room for it, and I’m not allowed to use my credit cards.  Darn you Lent taking all of the fun things away from me!  JK*Image courtesy of Amazon.com

I hope you all have a fun weekend ahead of you!  I will be meeting with a client tomorrow for a shopping session.  Yes, the perks of being a Personal Stylist is that I get the shopping high without spending a dime!  Well, actually I make money…..Crazy!  Then it’s off to LA to spend the weekend with my fam.  Can’t wait to celebrate Miranda’s birthday, see my parents and Tor Tor, and FINALLY meet my new family member, Fiona(their new pup).

Thoughts and prayers go out to everyone effected by the earthquake and tsunami in Japan.  Tragic is all I have to say.


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