I Look-a Like-a Lobster…But it was ALL Worth It!

I can’t even begin to tell you how much of a WONDERFUL time I had visiting with my family in So Cal this weekend!  From going to a fabulous wine bar with Miranda and then a friends house party in Silverlake.  To meeting my parents new puppy Fiona and taking her to the dog beach in Huntington, and then on to shopping in Fashion Island.  Eating amazing homemade Mac n Cheese done by my Mom, and then having Dad pick up Golden Spoon!  And then kayaking around Sunset beach with the ever so adorable Tor Tor and later riding bikes through my old neighborhood.   Here’s some of my favorite pictures from the past few days:

*This last picture is the house that I called dibs on!  Anyone want to come over for a swanky cocktail party???

Needless to say because of the title of this post, but I did get quite sunburned and actually woke up at 3am this morning almost in tears because I was in so much pain!  Going to be very generous with my aloe vera intake for the next few days.  Oh and another awesome thing about this trip, I got to bring home my wheel of Gouda cheese my Dad brought back from Holland for me.  Yum!  I can’t wait to dig into that tonight.

Thank you again Mom, Dad, Miran and Tor Tor for an awesome few days!  I love you all! xoxox

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5 Responses to I Look-a Like-a Lobster…But it was ALL Worth It!

  1. Mom says:

    Nice pics – loved having you home – Osh-you

  2. jaime says:

    I LOVED seeing all those photos~ They are amazing, I am very happy you enjoyed such a great break with your family. xxoo

  3. Miran says:

    Thank you for visiting! Loved having you here. Now I’ve got to plan a trip up there!
    Osh you…

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