Luck of the Irish

Yesterday was such a random gorgeous sunny day in the Bay Area.  Maybe I should start to believe that there really is such a thing as the “Luck of the Irish”! 

In honor of St. Patrick’s Day, a small group of us headed to the Irish Bank downtown for some green festivities.  I had my one Guinness of the year(I like it, but it just leaves a really bad after taste, yuck).  We grooved to the DJ and watched a lot of people get pretty tipsy.  Super fun to see when you’re not the girl stumbling around! 

Apparently my outfit was a big hit of the night.  I had a ton of people asking to take pictures with me.  I guess finding an all green polyester skirt suit in a bargain bin at a thrift store was another lucky Irish moment for me!  The whole thing cost me $2, and the skirt was actually below the knee when I got it, but I chopped it off and sewed it to be a mini.  What a deal right???This last guy was getting arrested for god knows what(drunken conduct I would assume??).  He was super quiet and stood there like that with the cop for about 5 minutes.  I didn’t realize until I was looking at my pictures this morning that his pants are undone!  Haha.  Maybe it was public urination instead???  I always wonder how many people the cops arrest on Holidays like these.  I’m just happy that I’ve never run into that problem or my friends too.  Guess it’s all the “rookie” partiers that end up running into problems!

Now that the luck has worn off, I am currently looking out to this:

Hopefully the rain will lighten up for the weekend ahead of us.  Any big plans out there??  Jean Pierre and I are crossing the bridge for something extra special tomorrow!  I promise to blog about it later.

Happy Friday everyone!


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  1. Mom says:

    Looks like you had fun –

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