Fun in the Sand

Yesterday I had the pleasure of taking the little man to the beach.  After he woke from his nap, we packed some goodies including an umbrella, and walked 20 minutes to Crissy Field.  There was a good amount of people there  for a Friday in April at 3pm!

Here’s some fun shots of the day:

*This last picture is a nice view of…Alcatraz….for Jean Pierre.  Haha, what a good girlfriend I am!

Ok, heading out to run some errands around the Bay including getting my eyes checked.  Jean Pierre’s friend is an optometrist, so we are just being friendly and giving him some business.  Although, I did babysit a kid on Monday that turned out to have pink eye in both of her eyes!  Aaaahhhh!  She was dripping snot the whole day, so I knew that she was sick and I definitely kept my distance and kept washing my hands.  But I just found out what she had and I am totally freaked!  Especially since my eyes have been feeling dry for the past few days.  Although I think that’s just because of the hot weather we have been enduring.  Keeping my fingers crossed!

Any fun weekend plans???  Going to watch the Giants game today.  Hopefully we can finally kick some Dodger butt!  Argh

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2 Responses to Fun in the Sand

  1. joey says:

    there are too many things going on in that picture:

    1. girl in red knee-shorts bending over
    2. pasty man legs
    3. apparently fedoras are still in style
    4. i think it’s illegal to take pictures of children
    5. why is that girl facing away from the water?
    6. what’s in that lululemon athletica bag?
    7. that girl in the pink bikini is too tan for my liking. i like pasty, blonde girls

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